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About Us

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The Avactis team was established in 2001. It has extensive experience in the implementation of e-commerce projects for both large companies and medium- and small-sized businesses all over the world. Over this period we implemented dozens of e-commerce projects. Based on this expertise and input from small and medium companies, we developed the Avactis shopping cart software, which allows such companies to start online business rapidly and without heavy investments. One of the major advantages of Avactis is the use of unique technologies that, unlike other shopping cart software, provides for the fast and easy integration of an online store into an existing website, thus minimizing the time-to-market for our customers and partners.

The company's headquarters are located in New-York. Moreover, we collaborate with companies in Tokyo, Japan and Russia, in order to provide the highest level of service to our customers. The Avactis team includes highly skilled software developers, web designers, customer support engineers, sales and marketing professionals, who create and support Avactis e-commerce solutions for our partners and users worldwide.

Our organization's mission is the delivery of high quality e-commerce products and services for small and medium companies, which will allow them to maintain a successful online business. The success of our customers and partners is our success as well.